Brow $25
Lip $18
Chin $18
Brow & lip $35
Brow, lip & chin $45
Full face $45 (excludes brows)
Bikini $35 (does not include upper leg)
Bikini and beyond $45
Landing Strip $55
Brazilian $65 (frontal)
Full Brazilian $75
Man’s back $75 (half) $125 (full)
Under arms $35
Half arm $50 Full Arm $60
Half leg $65 (upper or lower)
Full leg $115 (does not include bikini area)

What is Sugaring?

The art of body sugaring is an innovative technique using 100% natural sugar, lemon juice and water in paste form. The skin is exfoliated of dead skin cells the hair is remove in the natural growth direction instead of against and can lead to permanency. Body sugaring for hair removal can be used on men and women anywhere on the body.