“Balance realized through harmoniously integrated experiences that rejuvenate and restore equilibrium to work, life and love through mind, body and spirit.”



Bella Vie Signature Massage

A custom combination of techniques and a blend of essential oils for improving circulation, reducing stress to truly improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
60 minutes $79
90 minutes $104

Deep Tissue

Deeper pressure is applied to specific areas of stress and tension, relief of fatigue and tight muscles.
60 minutes $89
90 minutes $114

Pre-Natal Massage

Pregnancy massage can help safely relieve discomfort using proper support and nurturing touch. Massage permitted after the first trimester.
60 minutes $89

Post Natal Massage

Designed to balance and uplift while the new mother’s hormones are readjusting during the postpartum period.
60 minutes $79


A steady pressure applied to reflex points on the feet and hands, corresponding to specific body parts and organs. This treatment has a positive effect in balancing energy and revitalizing the body.
50 minutes $69        30 minutes $59

Add to your massage just feet for $39  or  add just hands for $39

Neck, Back and Shoulders

Focusing exclusively on these main areas to relieve chronic tension using light to medium and trigger point pressure.
45 minutes $69

Healing Stone

Warm basalt stones cradle by the hands of our therapists melting the muscles, relieving soreness and promoting the ultimate relaxing massage.
90 minutes $129

Bamboo Massage

Heated bamboo sticks are incorporated into your massage to roll, stretch, and knead tension and knots away with soothing, penetrating warmth and firm pressure.

90 minutes $129

Sticks & Stones

A completely relaxing combination of our Hot Stone and Bamboo massage.

90 minutes $139


Migraine Relief Massage

Complete concentration on Atlas (C1) Axis (C2) C 3,4,5,6 & 7.  Occipital ridge, jaw, ears, scalp, trapezius, scalenes. Gentle re alignment relieving pressure and pain.

50 minutes $79

Body Polish

Complete, customizable body exfoliating treatment, leaving your skin nourished and refreshed. Also includes a luxurious scalp massage.

45 minutes $119

European Mud Wrap

Tone, firm, and hydrate your skin while removing toxins, with this full body mud wrap. Ending with a scalp massage, this treatment leaves you feeling completley renewed.

60 minutes $119




“Breath deepened through both passive and active offerings that nurture the life force and source of vitality that connects to all that is essential.”