“Balance realized through harmoniously integrated experiences that rejuvenate and restore equilibrium to work, life and love through mind, body and spirit.”



Bella Vie Signature Massage

A custom combination of techniques and a blend of essential oils for improving circulation, reducing stress to truly improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
60 minutes $74
90 minutes $99

Deep Tissue

Deeper pressure is applied to specific areas of stress and tension, relief of fatigue and tight muscles.
60 minutes $84
90 minutes $109

Pre-Natal Massage

Pregnancy massage can help safely relieve discomfort using proper support and nurturing touch. Massage permitted after the first trimester.
60 minutes $84

Post Natal Massage

Designed to balance and uplift while the new mother’s hormones are readjusting during the postpartum period.
60 minutes $74


A steady pressure applied to reflex points on the feet and hands, corresponding to specific body parts and organs. This treatment has a positive effect in balancing energy and revitalizing the body.
50 minutes $64    Add to your massage just feet for $39  or  add just hands for $39

Neck, Back and Shoulders

Focusing exclusively on these main areas to relieve chronic tension using light to medium and trigger point pressure.
45 minutes $64

Healing Stone

Warm basalt stones cradle by the hands of our therapists melting the muscles, relieving soreness and promoting the ultimate relaxing massage.
90 minutes $124


Invite your spouse, friend, mother, father, child or significant other to join you for the ultimate spa experience. We can offer identical or different treatments to each of you. Ahhhhhhh!
1 hour $84 each
1 1/2 hour $109 each

Additional Massage treatments available add $10 per person

“Breath deepened through both passive and active offerings that nurture the life force and source of vitality that connects to all that is essential.”